Springtime in Chicago

01_detail copy

During my stay in Chicago I met good friends from We Are Supervision for using the mild weather in Windy City these days. It was not a big thing just a regular, small painting session. I think we did this like the quote say`s “Remember The Little Things” The piece describes a specific form of a […]

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A Night On Site

Munich 2012

Funny time in Munich. Beside the ISPO Tradeshow I was invited for a life painting performance on a really odd place. Good for me, I like odd places so lets do this, 2 nights with much of all you need for glory moments. The picture called “The Rumor”. Its based on the quote; ” Rumor, is […]

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At the Sign Maker, a Tribute to Khaled Said and Mina Daniel prt.II


Case`s duty, or rather what he feels is a personal obligation, was to bring his rendition of Khaled Said from Berlin to Cairo. CASE was the creative mastermind behind the Khaled Said portrait on two slabs from the Berlin Wall and his aim in Cairo was to recreate this same portrait, but, this time, adding another […]

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Cairo’s streets witnessed two graffiti murals being added to its burgeoning street art scene from the famous German photo realist and graffiti artist, Andreas von Chrzanowski, or as he’s more popularly known on the street, CASE. Originally invited along with his crew Ma’Claim (or ‘My Part) for Goethe-InstituteAlexandria’s ongoing project “Graffiti: Style, History, Experience” project, […]

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Heidelberger Herbst

One day painting on the Herbstzeitlose Event at the Friedrich Ebert Square in Heidelberg. Funny times…  

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The Wall.


“They broke down the Berlin Wall for freedom and unity. Kahled Said got killed for the same reason, for freedom and democracy. Khaled would be very happy if he was with us today. We will not forget you Khaled and we will bring your rights back. And we will bring every Egyptian’s right back. We […]

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Following its success in London this exhibition moves to Warrington Museum & Art Gallery. As well as showcasing artworks emanating from the street art scene, Moniker will be widening its scope of reference with the inclusion of artists such as Anthony Lister from London, Pop surrealist Luke Chueh from California, and acclaimed New York photographer […]

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In Case You Hadn`t Noticed


Streetart Original Andreas von Chrzanowski, known as Case of the graffiti crew Maclaim, is happy to invite you to his new solo show with all new pieces of artwork at Art Seefeld Gallery Zurich!

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Artists On Artists


Press release for Artists on Artists group show What happens if you ask an artist ‘which artists do you most admire and influence you’? The response you’ll get can be quite revealing. Some will take us safely back to long dead masters; others may find some an obscure contemporary name to send us straight to […]

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